I bought a house for more than $ 3,000,000

Ok, I confess, I bought a house for more than $3,000,000. So what? Nizar Zakka who was a poor guy 10 years ago bought a house for $3,150,000 in Washington, DC. Well, you know what, get a life, I had my NGO, and I am making a lot of money from it, legally and illegally. Catch me and sue me.


Get a life people, corruption doesn’t function without a nice person like me behind it


How I bribed people in 2009 election in Lebanon

Nizar Zakka, IJMA3

Nizar Zakka, IJMA3

Hi All,

My name is Nizar Zakka, and I run an organization called IJMA3, I am really drunk tonight, but I want to confess that in 2009 when I was in Zahleh with the team who made “Zahleh Bil Aleb” list to win, we were bribing voters with money. More than 1 Million USD were with me and I was responsible to give bribes for specific people.

I was exposed by Wikileaks in 5-C on how I was helping. I am famous Yay!

Don’t blame me, blame the game. Now I have money thanks God, and my family can live happy.